Leadership Development


Managers today may be better educated than ever before, but many lack experience in leadership, on the job coaching, emotional intelligence (EI), communication & interpersonal skills, motivating their staff and developing a winning team.

Business leaders today need to be sensitive to the individual needs and skills of their team, caring as much about communicating and coaching as monitoring and controlling.

Confidential, individual or group leadership coaching can improve and develop skills required to become an effective business leader.


Leadership skills

  • Influencing groups and individuals;
  • Synergising - build and support a high performance team;
  • Energising the team - motivation and morale;
  • Coaching - on the job proactive coaching.

Research into leadership performance has identified that a high level of Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important attributes of successful senior business leaders.

Emotional Intelligence is defined as the ability to perceive, assess and manage the emotions of oneself, others and groups. Emotional Intelligence measurements cover self-awareness and regulation, empathy for, and the ability to motivate others, along with well-developed social skills.

We combine both broad business experience, gained over decades in senior management roles, and a proven coaching program to deliver a marked increase in the leadership skills of the participant and a significant improvement in their Emotional Intelligence.

The knowledge and skills of your managers are enhanced and the individual is equipped to succeed in current and future leadership roles, adding to the strength of your business.

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