Professional Services

Since 1993, Richardson Management Pty Ltd has provided the following professional services to many of Australia’s leading organisations to increase sales and profits and improve performance.

Sales Coaching

High level solution selling skills are essential for top level sales professionals and strategic key account managers who need to sell complex, technical, high priced and often intangible solutions. Sales coaching, either in a group or individual, gives you the strategies and skills to achieve your full potential and perform at your best.

Strategic Key Account Management

Strategic Key Account Management is a company-wide initiative which focuses on building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with your important customers. Effectively identify, plan, manage and maximise business with these customers in a strategic, structured and systematic way.

Leadership Coaching

Managers today are better educated than ever before, but many lack experience in leadership, influencing, on the job coaching, emotional intelligence (EI), communication & interpersonal skills and developing a winning team.

Marketing Consulting

Sales focussed marketing strategies and digital communication programs such as web site development, SEO and social media are critical in today’s increasingly competitive world, but many SME businesses don’t have the expertise or time to develop and implement.

Conference / Meeting Facilitation

A conference, seminar or meeting is an ideal time when the whole team is together, to focus on improving strategies and skills.

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